Welcome from the Dean


Matthew B. Myers
Dean and Mitchell P. Rales Chair of Business Leadership

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The Farmer School of Business at Miami University is a unique institution. For more than 75 years, the business school has been home to faculty, students and staff committed to the ideals of excellence and principled leadership. At the Farmer School, we encourage creative innovation, the setting of ambitious goals, and responsible management. Located on one of the most beautiful campuses in the country, the Farmer School is proud to build on the Miami tradition of a liberal arts education, producing world class strategic thinkers and innovative business leaders.

Thanks to our elite faculty, Farmer School students experience the best that business education has to offer. Our faculty apply innovative teaching approaches and experiential learning techniques that make our classes both challenging and relevant. As the landscape of business changes, so does our curriculum. We understand that as a leading business school we arenít expected to react to business environments, but rather proactively shape the landscape of business education and research. In addition, our commitment to ethical leadership, with the understanding that responsible management begins in our curriculum, produces many of the most respected thought leaders in the world of business today. Thatís why many Fortune 500 companies hire our graduates: So many are led by our graduates.

The Farmer School is renowned for its commitment to globalization. Our faculty are internationally recognized in their fields and travel the globe to teach, research and consult. Our students travel extensively, studying around the world, experiencing new cultures and harnessing new energies, bringing back to campus an enlightened spirit for learning. More than 60% of our students study abroad, which is nearly triple the national average. Study and internships in places like Argentina, Australia, Korea, China, the Middle East and Europe are life-changing, and these endeavors prepare our students to be more sophisticated and effective leaders in the complex world of global management.

Being a Farmer School student means working collaboratively, with the best and brightest. Being a Farmer School graduate means being part of a world-wide network of almost 50,000 alumni, crossing multiple generations of business leaders. Wherever you go, you will find Farmer School alumni making an impact on multi-national firms, new business ventures, non-profit organizations, and on economies. Our graduates are CEOs, venture capitalists, successful entrepreneurs and former prime ministers. In short, for a Farmer School graduate the future is limitless.

Please feel free to contact us with your comments and questions at deanofbusiness@miamioh.edu.

Welcome to the Farmer School of Business,

Matthew B. Myers
Mitchell P. Rales Chair of Business Leadership
Farmer School of Business