George Davis
Professor and Chair

About Our Program:

Welcome to the Department of Economics, room 2054 FSB. Economists study how people make decisions and the consequences of those decisions:

  • What are the key forces at work in the decision to buy a Porsche or a Prius?
  • What factors determine how production is organized?
  • How do these forces interact to determine the prices we pay for new and used cars?
  • How would a tax or regulations change the prices, and to whose benefit?
  • What determines who is a millionaire and who is poor?
  • How do these decisions determine overall employment, inflation, and economic growth?
  • How are these answers affected by globalization?

Economics provides a unified framework to think about choices, their consequences, and the ability of policy makers to change outcomes.

Although our major provides specific skills in certain areas, such as econometrics, the key piece of intellectual capital acquired by our majors is a well-honed skill for critical thinking, especially with regard to problems that involve data and quantitative methods.

These skills are rewarded well. Economics major score the second highest of any major on the LSAT score, and earn the fifth highest starting salaries and mid-career earnings in 2009 (behind four areas of engineering).

The Miami Economics Department offers three undergraduate degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Economics from the Farmer School of Business
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics through the College of Arts and Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Economics through the College of Arts and Science

And a Master’s of Arts degree in Economics

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