Business Analytics Minor

Business Analytics Minor Requirements

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Business Analytics Minor Prerequisite Flow-Chart for students interested in this minor.

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Business Analytics is the latest battleground for corporations seeking to gain competitive advantage or simply to survive in a fiercely competitive business environment. It can be roughly divided into two disciplines:

  • Descriptive analytics, in which practitioners collect data in real time about a firm’s many business processes (filling orders, hiring employees, purchasing supplies, etc.) and keep track of exactly how the firm is performing in these areas. Descriptive analytics allow managers to react quickly to rapidly changing circumstances as the need arises.
  • Predictive analytics, in which analysts go beyond descriptions and attempt to determine the effects of potential changes in their business processes. The predictive analyst helps firms to anticipate customer needs, create opportunities, and beat their competition.

This minor complements many majors, including all majors offered by the Farmer School of Business. Through this minor, students gain the managerial, analytical, and technical skills to:

  • gather data in real time;
  • store and organize those data;
  • analyze those data using quantitative methods; and
  • use the resulting information to make decisions that will allow an organization to gain competitive advantage.

Why take the business analytics minor?

  • With the right elective choices students can receive a joint Miami/SAS Data Mining Certificate. Our program is one of the few in the country where this type of certificate can be received by undergraduates.
  • Business Analytics is a pioneering minor that addresses a major business trend.
  • Progressive firms are using Business Analytics to stay at the leading edges of their markets.
  • This minor is consistent with the FSB’s vision of providing our graduates with capabilities that are in current demand and that are thoroughly grounded in academic research as well as practical applications.


Coursework in this minor will draw from three academic fields: management science, statistics, and information systems.

The required courses for the data mining track are:

The required courses for the quantitative methods track are:

The required courses for the multidisciplinary track are:

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