Leadership Major

Miami Plan and School of Business Requirements: The B.S. in both Management & Leadership and in Supply Chain & Operations Management is based on the Miami Plan foundation courses that consist of 36 hours in areas outside of the School of Business. In addition, the FSB core includes 45 hours of courses from all the business disciplines.

Management and Leadership

The major in Management & Leadership prepares graduates to manage and lead individuals, teams, and projects in a variety of contexts across all functional areas of business in profit and not-for-profit environments. The diversified course of study develops graduates for positions in management, human resources, management development, training, change leadership, employee benefits, compensation, cross-cultural management, public sector management, consulting, small business, and labor relations. The content, skills, and practices learned in management and leadership are transferable across many industries, functions and roles. In addition, students seeking careers specializing in the human resources function can select courses that directly specialize their training.

If you have questions about whether you should change your major, or for more information on this major, please contact a faculty member in this area of the department. They include the following:

  • Dr. David Cowan
  • Dr. Megan Gerhardt
  • Dr. Rebecca Luzadis
  • Dr. Joe Rode
  • Dr. Joshua Schwarz
  • Dr. Kay Snavely
  • Dr. David Walsh
  • Dr. Peng Wang
  • Dr. Mark Wesolowski

Program Requirements

Essentials: Take all of these (12 hours):

  • MGT 291 Management & Leadership (3) *FBS Core
  • MGT 303 Human Resource Management (3)
  • MGT 304 Cross Cultural Management (3)
  • MGT 415 Leadership & Learning (3)

Foundations: Take any 3 of the following (12 hours):

Integration & Synergy: Required Courses in Senior Year (6 hours):

You can see a flowchart of the Management & Leadership Major here

Additional Information