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*The portfolio process is only available to FSB students who entered Miami University prior to FIRST Semester 2012-13*.

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Letter of Recommendation Form

Release Waiver for Letter of Recommendation

Recommendations can be completed by filling out the Online Rec Form OR by submitting a letter. (You do not need to do both.)

Portfolio Preparation



How do I get into the School of Business?

Complete 60 or more credit hours including: 12 or more hours of business core courses taken at Miami

Successful completion of all of the following:

ACC 221, ACC 222, DSC 205, ECO 201, ECO 202, MIS 235*, and MTH 151

Prerequisites for MIS 235 are BUS 101 and CSE 148

AND a 3.00 GPA on a combination of all business core courses and Miami Plan Courses.

If a 3.00 GPA is not achieved, a portfolio can be submitted.

To submit a portfolio, you must have a minimum of a 2.6 qualifying GPA or a minimum of 2.6 GPA in all business courses.

Common Questions

When can a portfolio be submitted?

Summer Deadline: July 28, 2014 before midnight

Can I apply if I am currently taking a prerequisite class? If you submit a portfolio while taking prerequisite classes, your portfolio can be reviewed before the class ends. The outcome will be held pending your completion of the course.

What if I submit a portfolio, and then reach the 3.0 GPA? When a 3.0 is attained, you have gained admission.

How can I increase my chances of portfolio acceptance? It is extremely important to contact Michelle Thomas (1022 FSB, thomasm@miamioh.edu) for assistance in preparing your personal statements/essays.

How will I know if my portfolio is accepted? You will be notified by email and regular mail. If you are accepted, there are seats in business courses that have been held for portfolio acceptances. The advising office will contact you to let you know when you can schedule your classes.


Writing my essays/personal statements and proofreading: Howe Writing Initiative: hwi@miamioh.edu (FSB 3064) 513-529-8296

Questions about my classes and my GPA: Advising Office, 1022 FSB

Checking to see if my recommendation letters have arrived: Student Development Office, 1022 FSB

All other questions/concerns: See Michelle Thomas, thomasm@miamioh.edu, 1022 FSB

If you cannot reach Michelle Thomas and need immediate assistance, you may contact her assistant, Kim Eads at eadskl@miamioh.edu or 529-3635.

Howe Writing Initiative: hwi@miamioh.edu


SUMMER DEADLINE: Monday July 28, 2014 (before midnight)

Notification of acceptance/denial via e-mail: August 12, 2014


Howe Writing Initiative:



Monday July 28, 2014

(before midnight)

What goes into a portfolio?

1. Two recommendations, one from two of the following: faculty advisor (including evidence of regular advising sessions), faculty member, academic advisor, first-year residence hall advisor, coaches, administrator, employer, or other persons who can speak to student potential success in the FSB.

Recommendations can be completed by filling out the Online Rec Form OR by submitting a letter. (You do not need to do both.) Letters should be on letterhead and signed. (1 page each and 12 pt. font)  http://www.fsb.miamioh.edu/offices/student-development/portfolio

Recommendation Letters can then be submitted by:

  • Including them in your electronic portfolio with the rest of your documents
  • Mailed to Portfolio Review Committee, 1022 FSB, Miami University
  • Faxed to Michelle Thomas at 513-529-6466
  • Emailed to Michelle Thomas at thomasm@miamioh.edu (pdf format)


Some students also choose to submit a resume; this is NOT a requirement.

Faculty Recommendations: Should be on letterhead and signed. Describe the student's level of participation in class, his/her ability to work in teams, if he/she comes to office hours. If you've had a lot of contact with the student, you may want to touch upon his/her work ethic, his/her ability to problem-solve, and your overall impressions of him/her as a student. It's helpful too if you could discuss his/her overall performance in class and his/her ability to overcome various challenges. If the student is involved in business organizations or other activities campus, you may want to mention that, too. The better you know the student, the more descriptive you can be. ONE PAGE IN LENGTH

Employer/Internship Recommendations: Should be on letterhead and signed. The recommendation letters need to be one page in length and should describe in detail what the student did for you. Did he/she take the initiative on projects and how did he/she worked with peers, clients etc? What leadership did the student show in his/her work and in what ways did he/she contribute and show creativity on the job? Also, include his/her work ethic, character, values, etc. ONE PAGE IN LENGTH

Recommendation letters can be:

  • Given to the student (to be turned in or scanned into his/her portfolio)
  • Mailed to Portfolio Review Committee, 1022 FSB, Miami University
  • Faxed to Michelle Thomas at 513-529-6992
  • Emailed to Michelle Thomas at thomasm@miamioh.edu

2. Two separate personal statements (essays) addressing the following:

  • Why are you interested in studying business? (Not an essay about business in general or Miami's reputation, an essay about YOU and your interest) One page only, minimum 12pt. font, single or double spaced.
  • Each of our applicants is unique. Describe how your background, values, academics, activities and/or leadership skills will enhance the experiences of other Miami students.* NAME ON PAPER* One page only, minimum 12 pt. font, single or double spaced.

Note: Personal statements may address other factors as well, such as a discussion of the impact of extenuating circumstances on the applicant's academic record to date.

*It is highly recommended that students contact Michelle Thomas (1022 FSB, thomasm@miamioh.edu) for assistance.

I'm Ready to Begin

I am ready to begin my portfolio. Where do I start?


Contact your recommendation writers and explain the process to them. Be sure to give them ample notice. PLEASE REMEMBER TO SEND A THANK YOU TO YOUR RECOMMENDATION SOURCE.


Make an appointment with the Student Development Office to have your essays proofread. You can schedule an appointment through Michelle Thomas – 529-4236 or thomasm@miamioh.edu.


After you have completed your essays you are ready to upload your files. Follow the steps below to ensure the Review Committee has proper access to your portfolio.

Go to www.fsb.miamioh.edu/portfolio

  • Name on all work
  • Select Login
  • Enter Unique ID and Password
  • Click “Login” button
  • Select “Upload” from the menu on the left
  • Click the “Browse” button to find the documents you would like to attach
  • Highlight file and click “open”.  Repeat until all files are selected.
  • When you are finished selecting all documents, click the “Upload” button.  You will receive an “Upload Complete” message for each document.

Select “View” from the menu on the left to view the list of attachments or to delete a file.

Exit the system when you are finished.

If you need further assistance, stop by 1022 FSB!

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