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Exchange Programs

Farmer School of Business exchange programs give Miami students the opportunity to study at one of our highly-ranked and prestigious partner institutions around the world. In exchange, students from our partner schools study in Oxford for a semester or year. Miami students pay Miami tuition and fees, and pay room and board costs directly to the host university. All scholarships and financial aid apply.

All of our exchange partner schools offer courses taught in English. Miami students take classes alongside students from the host university, so an exchange program is a wonderful opportunity for cultural immersion.

An international exchange is an enriching experience as it affects both personal and professional development, stimulates creative ideas, enhances relationships, and strengthens multicultural understanding. Studying in a different environment presents new and rewarding challenges. Interacting with individuals from new backgrounds offers a perspective on your standing as a scholar, professional, and member of the global community. At the same time, you are acting as an ambassador for Miami University and your country, laying important foundations for future exchanges and international collaborations.

What are the Benefits of an Exchange Program?

  • Appreciation of diverse peoples and cultures
  • Exposure to new ideas, value systems, languages, and modes of communication
  • Strengthened interpersonal communication skills
  • Access to global job markets
  • Heightened intellectual maturity, sense of responsibility, understanding of self.

For more information about FSB Exchange Programs, contact:

Jenni Kim, FSB 1038B
Assistant Director of FSB International Programs
Schedule an appointment: (513)529-2620