Supply Chain & Operations Management

Supply chain management (SCM) is the management of the flow of goods and services among businesses and between businesses and consumers. A recent study cited SCM as one of the three most important management practices for determining world class performance. Miami's Supply Chain & Operations Management (SCOM) programs provide an understanding of SCM and the necessary tools for integrating the functions of procurement, operations, marketing, logistics, accounting, and information technology in effective SCM systems.

Supply Chain Management in the Farmer School of Business consists of two programs—a major and a minor. The SCM minor was begun in 2000, followed by the SCOM major in 2003. SCM is a very integrative business function, consisting of decisions that impact finance, marketing, information systems, operations management, and accounting. The SCOM programs in the Farmer School of Business reflect that integrative nature. They are the only FSB programs administered jointly by two departments (Management and Marketing). The major and minor are coordinated by faculty from both departments.

Students attracted to the SCOM major or SCM minor should be capable of applying quantitative techniques, working well with information technology, and interacting with people. To be successful in the field one will need to use principles of economics, accounting, operations management, purchasing, business-to-business marketing, and written and oral communications.